Press Releases/Communiques de Presse

Press Releases/Communiques de Presse

February 15, 2017/Le 15 février 2017 – Despite progress NB Government still needs to axe Regulation 84.20/En dépit des avancées, le Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick se doit d’abolir le Règlement 84-20

January 25, 2017/25 Janvier 2017 – Reproductive Justice NB to demand that the Gallant government act on abortion access at State of the Province address. Justice Reproductive N.-B. exige que le gouvernement Gallant agisse sur l’accès à l’avortement lors du Discours sur l’état de la province.

January 9-12 2017/9-12 Janvier 2017 – RJNB statement on government plans to expand abortion services as described in two Acadie Nouvelle articles. Déclaration du RJNB sur les plans du gouvernement visant à élargir les services d’avortement décrits dans deux articles d’Acadie Nouvelle.

May 07 2015/07 Mai 2015-RJNB Statement on the Addition Abortion Services in Moncton/ Communiqué de JRNB à propos de l’ajout de services d’avortement à Moncton

January 16 2015/16 Janvier 2015 – RJNB Fundraising Initiative Helps Fredericton Doctor Open Clinic  $125,000 in donations from national #SaveTheClinic fund / Collecte de fonds par JRNB aide un médecin avec l’ouverture d’une clinique à Fredericton$ 125 000 en dons amassés lors d’une campagne nationale #SaveTheClinic

26 nov 2014/November 26 2014RJNB responds to Government of New Brunswick’s abortion announcement

August 2nd 2014-A thank you to those who supported the #SaveTheClinic initiative

Solidarity in Statements

RJNB has collectively agreed on the following statement which align with our mission to work towards our vision: a place where all people can access the healthcare they need to thrive and are empowered to decide if, when, and how to have or parent children, with dignity and support.

Sexual assault on campus is a problem that will not go away until we do something about it September 2015

Statement on Health Minister Victor Boudreau defending doctors right to refuse care for transgender patients based on “morals” July 2015

Exotic Dancers Welcomed Here July 2015

Statement of Solidarity and Gratitude for Julie LaLonde June 2015

Reproductive Justice NB Offers Solidarity to Red Head  May 2015