CCLA Legal Case

In 2020 the Canadian Civil Liberties Association began the process of taking New Brunswick to court over its abortion restrictions by issuing a formal demand letter.

“We are giving the government a chance to repeal its laws that limit abortion in New Brunswick. But ultimately we expect that this will head to court, in order to ensure fair access to safe and legal abortions in New Brunswick,” said Michael Bryant, Executive Director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA). Should the New Brunswick government fail to eliminate their abortion restrictions and create accessible abortion, the CCLA will commence legal proceedings.

In 2021, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) has won the first round of its abortion lawsuit in New Brunswick. New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench has granted the Canadian Civil Liberties Association standing to pursue its reproductive rights challenge against the New Brunswick government. “The government did not want this lawsuit to proceed – and they lost. The court’s decision not only recognizes CCLA’s status to bring forward the claim, but also explicitly states that the government’s position opposing it was surprising and unreasonable,” said Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, CCLA’s Equality Program Director.

For more information, visit CCLA’s website about their case for NB Abortion Rights.