RJNB in the news/JRNB dans les nouvelles


Lavoie, Sophie. (15 May 2017). New Brunswick Media Co-op. Fredericton activists: “I can’t keep quiet.”

The Canadian Press. (30 November 2016). The Guardian. Abortion fight moves to New Brunswick. Group starts campaign for medicare coverage of abortions done in clinics.

Brown, Laura. (24 November 2016). CTV Evening News. N.B. group launches campaign for medicare coverage of abortions at clinics.

Lavoie, Sophie. (25 November 2016). New Brunswick Media Co-op. Reproductive Justice NB launches #AXE8420 campaign for abortion access

Huras, Adam. (23 November 2016). Legislative Bureau, Telegraph-Journal. Abortion Rights Advocates to launch push on provincial government that may end in legal action. [Proprietary so no link].

Coles, Terri. (17 November 2016). Yahoo! News. Canadian pro-choice site crashes on U.S. election night under fears restricted abortion access will force women to travel north.